Transformational Grant – $100,000


Back Row: Vice Chairman Travis Sheffield, Treasurer Stephanie Pollock, Board Members: Erin Murphy Goodman, Jill Campbell, Jamil Joyner, Claudia Ortega-Houge, Secretary Shirley Ronquillo, Board Members: Juanita Causey and Donald Anderson. Front Row: Chairman Philip Golden and Executive Director Carly Markesich


This transformational grant will help the DFF to create the systems and processes to operate on a much larger scale. Additionally, these new processes will help us towards our goal of becoming a nationwide organization. Below are some of the ways our organization will be impacted:

  • Creating sustainability in the organization
  • Developing fundraising chapters
  • Building closer relationships between affiliate gyms, the foundation and the partner organizations
  • Expanding our marketing and resource materials
  • Growing and expanding the program by incorporating additional affiliate gyms and enrolling more schools